Simplify Your Life in the Kitchen - Netted
Article • May 1, 2012

Simplify Your Life in the Kitchen

Become a better cook with Forkchop

You’ve got a mouthwatering recipe, some fancy cooking gadgets, and the temporary wherewithal to resist ordering take out.

Now all you need is Forkchop, a virtual sous chef that takes any recipe – whether inputted manually or pulled from a website – and automatically transforms it into an interactive e-recipe.

Progress is tracked with simple clicks (or taps on phones and tablets): Ingredients can be crossed off once they’re used, and directions can be highlighted or minimized to keep focus on the task at hand.

Mark down tasting notes for different batches (think pound cake with and without the lemon zest) then tweak the original recipe until nothing’s left but the good stuff — sans the illegible pen marks in the margins.

But our favorite feature is how Forkchop can automatically generate recipe-specific grocery lists with the click of a button.

This cooking thing is a piece of cake.