Circumstantial Ambience - Netted
Article • May 2, 2012

Circumstantial Ambience

Listen to Playlists Based on Time, Moods, and Events

Yesterday we suggested a better way to cook.

Today we’re suggesting a better way to listen to music while cooking. Or exercising. Or throwing a dinner party. Or cleaning the house.

Because that’s how Songza works: Instead of building “stations” based on artists and algorithms, the site streams expert-made playlists based on your current mood and situation, all without commercial interruption.

Start by choosing the time of day and an activity (e.g. cooking dinner on a Wednesday evening) then your preferred genre. Songza will recommend three playlists, each with a brief description and song samples.

The genius here is that you may not know how fun it is to listen to ‘60’s soul while making dinner or what indie songs are good for working out — but you don’t need to because Songza does. And apps for AndroidiPhone, and Kindle Fire ensure that the right playlist for the present situation can be cued up in just a few taps.

So you can focus on what you’re doing instead of what you’re listening to while doing it.