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Article • May 4, 2012

Direct Messages

Completely Customize Your Twitter Consumption with DestroyTwitter

Twitter. You love it. You hate it. You love to hate it.

Mostly you just want to . . . fix it.

You can do just that with DestroyTwitter, a lightweight program that turns your Twitter account into a background service, not unlike an instant messenger.

The real plus of doing this? Your Twitter stream is now completely customizable. Start with simple tweaks like changing the font, lengthening or shortening the refresh rate, and enabling spell check. Then go to town.

Filter out Foursquare-generated messages (“I’m at TooMuchInfoTown!”) and nonsensical live tweets hogging your feed. Enable autocomplete so you don’t need to remember all your friends’ usernames. Going out? Turn on away mode to freeze everything until you get back. You can even create a separate feed for keyword or hashtag searches that will auto-update just like your regular stream.

Our favorite feature? Applying the smirk-inducing Facebook color scheme.

We can’t tell if we love or hate it.