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Article • May 7, 2012

What a Drag

Separate Tasks into Three Simple Steps with kanban2go

Henry Ford started a revolution by inventing the assembly line.

Then Toyota mastered it with kanban, a billboard-style process to visually organize and prioritize production by dividing activities into three categories: undone, in progress, and completed.

Task manager kanban2go adapts that system for your to-do lists with a simple drag and drop schematic that makes completing projects, errands, and chores a visual, actionable exercise.

Start as many boards as you want, and tie together projects of a similar type with tags (home, work, Fifty Shades of Grey fan fiction, etc.). Google Calendar sync and Evernote backup provide invaluable support from apps you’re already using.

If you need to collaborate with others, invite them to join the board (the site’s charming instructional video shows the benefit in this). And the whole thing is optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablet usage, so you can start projects and track accomplishments from all frontiers.

It’s probably the only time billboards won’t obstruct your view.