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Article • May 9, 2012

Find the Cheapest Hotels Without Price-Drop Worries

Book hotels and always get the lowest price on Tingo

Reserving hotel rooms is a game of cat and mouse. Frantically bat the mouse. Settle. Discover later that the price dropped. Chug a gallon of milk and sleep it off.

Tingo has the plan to keep buyer’s remorse at bay. Book any of the site’s “money back” rooms and if the price drops Tingo will automatically rebook your reservation at the lower rate – right up until you check in.

Tingo’s prices are comparable to other online bookers like and Expedia, so the downside is nil. You’re starting at the amount you normally would with the possibility of going down from there.

But that isn’t the only thing making Tingo a powerful hotel site. Narrow your search by amenities, read TripAdvisor reviews, and toggle the map view on to see exactly where your digs are located.

It’s the whole kit ‘n’ caboodle.