Then It's Settled - Netted
Article • May 11, 2012

Then It's Settled

Arbitrate Arguments Three Different Ways with VoteIt

The four words that will settle every argument: “Let’s vote on it.”

The one service to do just that: VoteIt.

Offering three types of custom polling methods – consensus, multiple choice, and yea or nay – the new site brings democracy to questions as small as where to eat dinner and as large as naming the best movie of all time.

Ballots can be private (accessible via email invite only) or open to the public by sharing the link on Facebook and Twitter. Also available: Head into the proverbial danger zone and let participants add their own options.

When the dust settles, the survey creator can close the vote, which automatically sends a message to the participants with the final tally.

Four more words worth noting: “Let’s agree to disagree.”