Supermarket Sweep - Netted
Article • May 14, 2012

Supermarket Sweep

Find the Best Price for Your Entire Shopping Cart with NetPlenish

Let’s be clear: Shopping can be fun. New clothes – fun. An absurdly HD iPad – fun.

We’re not talking about that kind of shopping.

We’re talking about errands. Your bi-monthly gallons of laundry detergent, your premium paper towels, your oft-neglected cleaning supplies.

NetPlenish has found a way to make shopping for those things easier – and cheaper.

Use the iPhone or Android app to scan items in your home that you purchase repeatedly. When it’s time to restock, simply select those items off the list.

Taking current promotions, shipping, and tax into account, NetPlenish calculates the best price on that combination of items from a variety or sites including, Target, Sephora, and more.

In a neat twist, once you submit the order with the app’s one-click checkout, all those participating merchants actually vie for your business, meaning the price you end up paying is often less than the quoted amount.

It might not be considered “fun,” but we’ll take “cheap and easy” any day.