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Article • May 15, 2012

All Talk

Start Videoconferences with a Link from

Breaking news: It’s officially the future! At least according to TV shows and heartstring-tugging commercials, which make it seem as though the promise of widespread video chatting has finally arrived. Great!

Except, not really. Skypers talk to Skypers and Facetimers talk to Facetimers, but video chatting still can’t rival the ease of picking up a phone.

Except, now it can. starts a video chat between you and up to five people in two simple steps: 1. Press button to generate link to video chat; 2. Share link. That’s it. No registering, no logging in, no screen names to remember. Just click and start.

Your screen automatically resizes to accommodate participants as they come and go, and there are cool little add-ons like a notepad for personal memos and a messenger space for personal comments.

If you did want to register for an account (it’s free and painless) you can then create your own “vanity room,” meaning you could simply say, “Meet me at 5:00 in The Netted Chat Room. And BYO sunglasses.”

Because the future’s so bright, obviously.