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Article • May 17, 2012

Archive Your Daily Life in 280 Characters or Less

Summarize and review your day with 280Daily

Between blog posts, tweets, status updates, check-ins, and photo tags, you could reconstruct your life like a CSI crime scene.

A very public crime scene.

280daily lets you archive your life in private, 280-character diary entries — just enough to get the gist without the pressure to mimic Jane Austen.

Since not every day is a winner (“Had frozen yogurt again…”), you can mark specific entries as “days of note” so they stand out from the crowd. The site comes with helpful features like an entry search engine, photo attachments, and the ability to export your musings to a PDF, spreadsheet, or even hardcover book.

If you find yourself in love with the service, upgrade to a pro account ($3 a month) for the ability to submit updates via email, adjust your character limits, and receive text-message reminders.

After all, it would be a crime to let a day go by unchronicled.