16th Annual Webby Award Highlights - Netted
Article • May 22, 2012

16th Annual Webby Award Highlights

Patton Oswalt is Funny, President Obama Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs, and Lots More to Watch

We cannot tell a lie: Our memory of last night is a bit hazy.

Luckily we can turn to the Internet, where we’ve archived all the highlights from yesterday’s show. Good thing, too, because there were some doozies.

Patton Oswalt opened the night with Internet porn, pterodactyls, Mark Zuckerberg’s vows, and our curious love of cats.

Bono was a last-minute addition to our Steve Jobs tribute video (along with President Obama, Jon Stewart, Sarah Silverman, and more).

Louis C.K. accepted the award for Person of the Year with a classic 5-Word Speech, Jeremy Lin made a surprise appearance with Spike Lee, and the Remember Me Project provided the night’s most chill-inducing moment when receiving the award for their work with the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

We could continue the list, but frankly you’re better off browsing the highlights yourself. Plus, we need to take a nap.

Thanks to all of you who voted for, watched, and supported The 16th Annual Webby Awards. We’re already looking forward to next year.