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Article • May 24, 2012

Check Your Symptoms and Find a Potential Diagnosis

Belay hypochondria with diagnoses from Symcat

With Memorial Day just around the corner, the time for exploring the great outdoors is finally upon us!

But so is this hacking cough we’ve had for three weeks.

So before we go anywhere we’ll consult with Symcat. By systematically working its way through your symptoms and background information, Symcat intelligently diagnoses your ailment based on hundreds of thousands of patient records.

The more details you provide, the more accurate a conclusion you’ll reach. Since Symcat uses actual patient data (and not just textbook material), it can more accurately suggest real-life diagnoses and the probabilities associated with them.

The tool’s final step offers a recommended course of action, along with links to call a certified nurse covered by your health plan or find nearby doctors, urgent care centers, and hospitals.

It’s complete coverage without coughing up too much cash.