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Article • May 25, 2012

Follow the Reader

Digest Your News in One Place with Subpug

Here’s a great way to waste a day: list all your favorite websites then systematically check for updates, one by one.

Or just add them all to Subpug and read every new story at once. By simply cutting and pasting a website’s URL, Subpug queues up the publication’s current reading list and even places comments and tweets about each article on the side for some real-world context and opinions.

If you’re drawing a blank on where to start, Subpug has ready-made bundles of popular sites sorted by category (design, music, gadgets, etc.). And once your list is built and fine-tuned, you can generate a link to share the collection with friends.

There’s no signup required; your subscriptions are automatically saved in your browser. If you clear your cache frequently, the site can email you a permanent link (which is also handy for accessing your Subpug collection on other devices).

And that’s how you seize the Internet in a day.