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Article • May 29, 2012

Take the Best of the World's Courses

Take free classes from top schools with Coursera

Welcome to the unofficial start of summer.

Also, the unofficial start of summer school.

Or should we say, the start of unofficial summer school. Because that’s exactly what Coursera offers: classes from Ivy League and similarly esteemed institutions that you can take for free without ever stepping foot on a campus.

The site has developed some impressive teaching methods that combat typical failings of video classes, namely a tendency for lagging engagement or random guessing. Coursera stops at key points to quiz understanding then reexamines material with low scores to provide immediate feedback.

You can choose courses by university or, if you can’t wait to get started, by the next available session in categories ranging from Greek and Roman Mythology and A History of the World since 1300 to Cryptography and Fundamentals of Pharmacology.

Sessions range from a quick four weeks to a still-reasonable ten-week intensive.

So you won’t have to play hookey to enjoy your summer.