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Article • June 1, 2012


Add RottenTomatoes Rankings to Netflix with A Better Queue

Netflix’s Watch Instantly section is kind of like The Grapes of Wrath: full of critically acclaimed performances.

But since it’s also a barren wasteland, finding well-received movies can be a challenge.

A Better Queue combines Netflix with Rotten Tomatoes for a customizable list of streaming movies that have secured only solid reviews. Genres are also adjustable, since Sports & Fitness movies might not be appropriate on a Romance night.

But if you don’t entirely trust the Tomatometer, lower the bar for the rottenest recommendations. Also, don’t forget to adjust the sliding year bar to specify, say, only poorly reviewed Classics (oxymoronic!) between 1930 and 1950.

The lowest-rated movies with those settings seem to be A Night in Casablanca and Reefer Madness, so maybe A Better Queue will help you enjoy the grapes of laugh.