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Article • June 7, 2012

Souper Saver

Post to Craigslist and Shop Locally on EggDrop

One man’s unwanted waffle iron is another man’s culinary delight.

Making sure the right items land in the right hands is EggDrop. The site turns your immediate surroundings into a local flea market by showing you things for sale in your vicinity.

Search for specific items or sort by category, then drill down further by price and distance from your current location. Each listing comes with photos, a map, and the ability to make an offer right through the site.

If you’re more in the selling mood, simply use the Android or iDevice app to snap a photo, write a description, and set your asking price. Eggdrop can place a copy of your ad directly on Craigslist (impressive) and will automatically repost your offering if it doesn’t sell in seven days.

Before long, you’ll be rolling in it – meaning cash instead of trash.