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Article • June 15, 2012

What's the Word?

Dig up Definitions without Distractions from The Clean Dictionary

Some of our favorite things exist in pairs: Milk and cookies. Laurel and Hardy. Adele and heartbreak. Beaches and sunscreen. Brunch.

The newest addition to that list? Definitions and design. The Clean Dictionary couples definitions from Wiktionary with incredibly simple, responsive design to create our new go-to lexicon.

The site sports no ads or surrounding filler to slow things down or distract you from the words at hand. Search results populate as soon as you start typing, and synonyms and antonyms are piped in through Princeton University’s WordNet to ensure your search is comprehensive.

Clicking on a word adds it to your word list, which can be used as a running tally of your favorite terms or an easy way to compare smelt swimming with smelting or bear with bare.

It’s all you’ll need to pair your sentence with the perfect diction.