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Article • June 18, 2012

Publicize Your Daily Stories with Colorful Posts

Construct simple one-page sites with checkthis

You know those informercials where a woman tries to roast a chicken, but then cuts her finger and burns herself before giving up in a fit of exasperation while a voice-over exclaims that there must be an easier way?

Well if chickens were websites that easier way would be checkthis. The self-described “microwave of web publishing” cooks up one-page sites without registering, logging in, saving, or learning a lick of HTML.

There are templates for sales (funneled through PayPal), invites, polls, or simple text and images (here’s our favorite example). Each comes with a not-overwhelming selection of designer fonts and color schemes.

Backgrounds and photos are uploadable, but all content stays automatically centered for reliability and simplicity. Pages can be set to stay up forever or expire in a designated amount of time.

Though new sites are assigned random URLs, you just might find yourself so proud that you’ll want a custom address — included for free, just like the rest of the site.

Frankly, it’s an easy sell.