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Article • June 19, 2012

Cloud Watching

Track Progress Across Cloud Apps with Hojoki

For world news there’s the New York Times. Friends news, Facebook.

But with our cloud services, no news is disconcerting news.

Instead of opening ten browser tabs for ten separate updates, we use Hojoki. The brilliant tool syncs with apps like Evernote, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Twitter, Basecamp, and more to create a one-page newsfeed of all the changes made in each.

Hojoki adds a universal search feature and even utilizes mentions and tagging within private workspaces for easy teamwork and progress tracking.

A weekly email update summarizes all changes you’ve made plus contributions from others so you know how much progress has been made on collaborative efforts. There are also apps for iDevices and Androids so you can complete tasks wherever you might be.

It’s all the news that’s fit to skim — ad nauseum.