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Article • June 26, 2012

Bet Money and Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

Challenge friends to lose weight with DietBet

In 2009, the city of Stockholm tested a novel way of reducing speeding.

On a particularly dangerous stretch of highway, roadside cameras were installed to capture the license plates of both speeders and non-speeders. Speeders received fines, and one non-speeder was randomly rewarded with a portion of the funds collected.

Speeding dropped by 22 percent.

The idea behind the stunt is called Fun Theory and it’s what inspired the creation of DietBet, a site that turns losing weight into a game amongst friends.

Participants ante up a designated amount of money via PayPal or credit card. After the initial weigh-in, competitors have 28 days to reach their target weight (agreed upon beforehand). The winner gets the pot; if multiple players succeed, the pot is split amongst them.

The official rules keep players honest and safe (you can be disqualified for losing too much weight). And while the game is afoot, you can talk smack, devise a strategy, and add photographic evidence to prove your dominance.

At the end, you’ll have lost weight and had fun doing it – not just in theory.