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Article • June 28, 2012

Clean Up Your Music Library Automatically

Fix mislabeled song info and missing album art with TuneUp

So you want to listen to “Hey Jude” by The Beatles. Or is it “hey, jude” by BEATLES? Or “Track 01” by Beatles, The?

Hard to tell since your iTunes library has it listed all three ways.

Like a maid for your home, TuneUp cleans, fixes, and organizes your messy iTunes or Windows Media library. And just like a maid, TuneUp does it all without you lifting a finger. (OK, you do have to click one button.)

The service utilizes acoustic fingerprinting technology that “listens” to a song and identifies its DNA using Gracenote’s MusicID™ database. Once the song is recognized, all the correct information – from title and artist to album year and genre – is added to correctly catalog the file for good.

If TuneUp finds a duplicate entry, it deletes it. If an album is missing cover art, TuneUp adds it. We’d call it the perfect tool for the organizationally obsessed, but the truth is TuneUp’s improvements go well beyond neatness – they make listening to your music more enjoyable.

There is a free version to test-drive the service, and now through July 7 Netted readers can purchase the pro version at 30 percent off using promo code NETTED30.