First Class Mail - Netted
Article • July 2, 2012

First Class Mail

Receive Random Bits of Poetry by Mail from Postcard Poets

After checking your mailbox for the first time in a week, you discovered four credit card offers, a 20 percent off coupon to Bed Bath & Beyond, and a bank statement for Elijah T. Hufflebutt, the previous tenant (dude’s broke).

Bring some old-school charm to your old-school mail with Postcard Poets, the darling new service that delivers poetry right to your door.

Ideal for Etsy lovers and their crafty brethren, the poems are lovingly printed on translucent vellum card stock, giving them a vintage look ripe for display. The poems, curated by theme (The Lover, The Existentialist or The Dreamer), will remind you of your love for Neruda, Dickinson, Whitman, and the like.

Choose to receive two poems in a month for $5 or four for $9. Or send a set as a gift to your honey — it’s like romance for dummies.