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Article • July 3, 2012

Reduce Photo Size Without Sacrificing Image Quality

Shrink photo file size while maintaining quality with JPEGmini

Emergency: You were about to send a very important email containing six (OK, sixteen) pictures of a corgi puppy snuggling a chubby baby when you realized the file was too large.

Remain calm – JPEGmini has you covered. The nifty tool automatically shrinks the size of JPEGs by up to five times while maintaining the original quality of the photos.

Simply go to, upload a photo, and – voila! – it’s shrunk. Or sign up for the free service (just requires your email) and you can upload a whole album at once then share it via Picasa or Flickr. There’s also a desktop app for Macs that can quickly resize individual shots or even entire folders simply by dragging and dropping.

So go ahead and share pictures of tiny dogs and tiny people to your heart’s content. ‘Cause everyone knows, size does matter.