Perfect Your Grammar as You Write - Netted
Article • July 6, 2012

Perfect Your Grammar as You Write

Ginger proofreads text right within your browser

The first rule of spelling and grammar on the Internet: There are no rules.

Looking to tame the Wild, Wild Web’s proofreading woes is Ginger, a program that combs your Internet jottings for misspellings, misused words, and other verbal faux pas.

Mac users can choose either the Chrome or Safari extension; for PCs, there is a full program download that covers Firefox and Internet Explorer as well as Microsoft Word and Outlook. (A Mac version of the full software is currently in the works.)

Our preferred method of use is the Chrome extension, which opens a small balloon window where you can paste a chunk of text (say, a tweet or Facebook post) and immediately check it for errors. Ginger is especially impressive at handling homophones that a more basic spell checker would miss (try it out before installing it).

For example: “At last, their is order on the Internet.”