Keep Control of Your Home at Your Fingertips - Netted
Article • July 10, 2012

Keep Control of Your Home at Your Fingertips

Control your home with your iDevice using WeMo

Compared to your smartphone, your outlets are pretty dumb.

Here to enlighten them is WeMo, an adapter that teaches your regular outlets how to follow commands from your phone.

For example: Your house is pretty hot when you get home from work. If you plug your air conditioner into a WeMo switch, you can turn it on remotely before leaving the office. You could also put your AC on a schedule, so WeMo activates a blast of chilly air everyday at 4:00. Very cool (no pun intended).

There’s also an optional motion sensor that wakes appliances when you approach it and puts it to sleep when you leave. Enter the basement and a lamp goes on; leave the bathroom and the straightening iron goes off.

And if you want to get really fancy, you can use IFTTT (stands for “if this then that”) to trigger events based on other events. Meaning you could receive a text message if someone (ahem, the kids) turns on the TV.

As if they could ever outsmart you.