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Article • July 11, 2012

Work at the Office

Create and Edit Microsoft Office Files with CloudOn

If oil and vinegar don’t mix, then why do they make such a lovely salad dressing?

In a similar way, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word are finally on mobile devices via CloudOn. Whether for your iPad or Android tablet, you’ll be saving and editing Office products right to and from your Box, Dropbox or Google Drive accounts.

Besides all the drop down Office menus you’re already familiar with, they even added arrow keys and F1–F12 for shortcut fanatics. All of which means PowerPoint presentations, complete with 3D rendering just like your desktop, are now portable.

The only real difference is the File menu: It’s replaced by CloudOn’s so you can email your file or instantaneously create even more.

The only thing left to do is mix more play time into all this productivity.