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Article • July 12, 2012

Create Custom Jewelry for Yourself or Loved Ones

Design one-of-a-kind jewelry with Gemvara

“It was almost exactly what I wanted! If only it came in a different color.”
— Unpublished testimonial from a plain old shopping site.

“Perfect. Stunning. Speechless.”
— Actual testimonials from Gemvara customers. Which isn’t surprising, since they’re talking about their own creations.

Utilizing a sleek ordering system and customer service that puts most companies to shame (there are personal notes in every package), Gemvara is solving a problem most people had accepted as unsolvable: how to get exactly what you want from the Internet.

Start by choosing the type of piece or which of the 26 gemstones you want featured. There are also helpful categories like jewelry by birthstone or vintage-inspired engagement rings. But remember, everything you see on-screen is merely a starting point. Color, metal, size – it’s all customizable. Personal engraving is free.

And if you don’t like the result? Every item can be returned within 101 days – which is completely unheard of and a brand-new policy that starts today.

Speechless? That sounds about right.