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Article • July 13, 2012

Master Another Language More Easily

Learn languages and crowdsource translations on Duolingo

We’re always careful not to say “Ich bin ein Berliner” unless we’re in a doughnut shop. You are what you eat, after all.

However, Duolingo clarified that we’re neither cannibals nor walking doughnuts. Its French, Spanish, and German lessons (as well as English for Spanish speakers) offer vocabulary reviews and usage quizzes – as well as translations of foreign-language sites.

As your language skills progress, so does the difficulty level of the the sites available to translate. But translating isn’t a solitary task; possible meanings are available by hovering your mouse over each word, and fellow students rank the best interpretation.

Follow similar translators and encourage them right from your dashboard or sync your Facebook and Twitter accounts to find your friends. To stay in tip-top shape, clarify word choice in the question section or enable the daily reminder option.

Soon enough, your language skills will be downright presidential.