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Article • July 20, 2012

Play a Gesture-Based Mobile-Desktop Game

Kill aliens by flinging discs with your phone on Shield Attack

When the apocalypse arrives and the fates choose alien invasion as our demise, which weapon will you choose? Guns? Knives? Spears? Britney Spears albums?

Shield Attack thinks it’ll be unidentified flying discs. The Android and iDevice apps transform your phone into your greatest weapon and your browser into the battleground.

Load up the app and a unique code is generated to link your phone to your computer. Enter the code at the Shield Attack website and the game begins.

You and up to two other warriors are charged with the mission of cutting down aliens by launching shields from your phone, either by swiping them off the screen or flicking your device to catapult head shots.

Take down special buildings for extra bonuses and try to avoid being hit when the aliens throw cars at you.

Before you know it – Oops! – you’ll be lost in the game.