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Article • July 23, 2012

Optimize Wikipedia for Your iPhone and iPad

Track your Wikipedia wanderings with Wikiweb

Wikipedia Holen. a deep Internet abyss reached by clicking every interesting link on Wikipedia until you have no idea where you are.

ex. “ Wikiweb makes it easy to fall down a Wikipedia Hole.”

The app for iPad and iPhone connects seemingly diverse topics in a colorful web, allowing users to jump from article to article in just a few taps.

Tapping once on a node unleashes a burst of prongs leading to all related articles, while also tying together overlapping ones. A quick double tap eliminates unwanted nodes, while tapping and holding opens each article in a sidebar to the right.

Follow the maze to discover interesting articles, and even create custom webs to share via email or Twitter. The best part? Like a trail of breadcrumbs, your network will always lead you back to the opening move – and out of the hole.