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Article • July 26, 2012

Find the Most Luxurious Things to Do in Your City

Up the ante on personal pursuits with InsideHook

Aspiration is a dead end without inspiration. (Or so said our Chinese takeout last night.)

Here to provide both in equal measure is InsideHook, a new daily newsletter chock full of compelling goods and rewarding experiences aimed at helping you live a loftier life of leisure.

Geared toward men (though who’s to say women can’t enjoy luxury pop-up camps and a nice bag of wine?), InsideHook covers the full spectrum of your free time, including drink, travel, style, health, tech, culture, and outdoor adventures.

The site currently publishes a New York edition and a National edition, with LA launching soon. And every Netted reader who joins InsideHook now will be entered to win one of two Jambox wireless stereo speakers. So if you aspire to carry your music around the house, this is a step in the right direction.

See that? It’s working already.