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Article • July 27, 2012

Sporting Chance

The 16 Apps and Sites to Make Your Olympics Even More Enjoyable
In a world where the news is broadcast 24 hours a day and there are 16 seasons of The Bachelor, an every-four-years sports tradition is a welcomed anomoly. Here’s how to soak it up.
%image_alt%NBC Olympics Live Extra

Besides streaming real-time video, it also sorts highlights by sport, has interviews with key competitors, and plots out events by date. One caveat: You’ll need a qualifying cable subscription to unlock the app. The App Store or Google Play, free. »
  %image_alt% Android Live Wallpaper

A background is a beautiful thing to waste. This Android wallpaper resembling London’s skyline shifts its appearance from day to night and sails a blimp trailing tweets from @London2012 across the screen. Google Play, free. »
%image_alt% Tweetheletes

On August 5 partake in a race to cover 100 meters in tweets faster than the world’s best sprinters can run it. It’ll take 4,000 one-line tweets to finish in under ten seconds. Tweethletes. »
  %image_alt%Facebook Olympics Hub

Want to be friends with Lolo Jones? (That’s a rhetorical question.) Find her Facebook profile — and the profiles for almost every other athlete and team — right here. Facebook. »
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