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Article • August 1, 2012

Have the Best Results in One Search Engine

Google + DuckDuckGo = DuckDuckGoog

One year ago, we wrote about a pretty revolutionary search engine called DuckDuckGo.

Besides having a fun name, DuckDuckGo also had one of our favorite search engine features, called !bangs (more on that in a second).

Unfortunately, it didn’t have our other favorite feature: Google-powered search results.

Well, it took a year but someone finally mashed the two together. Called DuckDuckGoog, the new search engine combines Google search results with these so-called !bangs.

About them – here’s the gist. Start your search query with a site’s specific !bang and DuckDuckGoog takes you directly to the search results on that particular site, skipping the page of generic results.

For example, search “scuba” and you’ll get normal Google results. Search “!a scuba” to see scuba gear on Amazon, “!yt scuba” for a list of scuba videos on YouTube, and “!maps scuba” for a map showing nearby scuba shops. (View the entire list of sites with !bangs.)

Try it out. Then follow these instructions to make DuckDuckGoog your default engine. Enjoy the duck hunting.