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Article • August 3, 2012

Game of Life

Turn Your Life into a Game with OneFeat

How do you verify your skill at something if it’s just a hobby?

With video games, Olympics, airlines, and sandwich shops, the answers are generally points and rankings.

OneFeat uses that model to turn your life into a demonstrably awesome hobby using photos of you completing missions ranging in difficulty from easy (take a self portrait) to hard (go skydiving).

Each achievement earns you points to ascend the rankings plus badges and medals for racking up missions or receiving accolades from competitors – all of which you can easily brag about via social media.

And as annoying as Facebook verification usually is, OneFeat finally gives you a reason to do so. Log in on your browser to upload photos from your desktop and start culling points from your already vivacious Facebook albums. Then create your own challenge or dare friends to finish an already established one.

You’ll be transforming dusty scrapbooks into podium finishes in record-setting time.