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Article • August 8, 2012

Sample Sale

Test-Drive Gadgets for a Whole Month with YBuy

We’re so popular at our local Best Buy that they know us by name.

Unfortunately, it’s more like, “Dan, you have to leave now. The store is closing. Don’t make us call security again.”

So now when we want to test-drive gadgets for extended periods of time we use YBuy. The recently launched site lets shoppers try products for 30 days before deciding whether to seal the deal.

It’s free to join and browse the gadgets, from Jamboxes and DSLRs to iPads and $600 espresso machines. To try an item, pay $24.95 and YBuy will ship it to you (return label included).

If you fall head over heels for the device, just pay the balance (the $24.95 rental fee is deducted from the purchase price) and it’s all yours. If not, mail it back – knowing you avoided a serious case of buyer’s remorse.

We currently have 250 invites for the still-in-beta site, so grab one while you can. Latecomers will be notified via email when a spot opens. Until then, good luck with security at Best Buy.