The Social Network - Netted
Article • August 10, 2012

The Social Network

Meet People with Similar Interests on At the Pool

There’s a nagging stereotype that suggests the Internet is populated by antisocial cat fanatics who never leave the house.

But you’re pretty fond of the Internet. And you’re normal. So where can you meet more people like you? The answer is At the Pool, a new social network that encourages users to meet like-minded locals and then get the heck offline.

Complete the non-traditional member profile then sit back and wait. At the Pool will drum up nearby matches and send you one potential new friend via email each day.

No status updates. No checking-in. No pinning.  Just meeting people with whom you have stuff in common, and, if you want, becoming friends.

At the Pool is currently stuffed away behind beta restrictions, but you can use invite code “Netted” to register immediately and start meeting exactly the kind of people you’re looking for.

Maybe even a few cat fanatics.