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Article • August 13, 2012

Call Me, Maybe

Update Contacts with Brewster & Current Caller ID

Here’s something you don’t think about often: your address book. Which is a shame, because it could be so much better.

Brewster for iPhone and Current Caller ID for Android are two apps making those improvements.

Brewster corrals everyone you know from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, and your phone’s contact list and creates a universal entry for each person, including all contact methods and a photo.

Besides putting a face to a name, Brewster uses information culled from social networks to help you use your contacts in a whole new way. It can remind you to call Dad on his birthday, compile a list of people you’ve lost touch with, and even search by hometown or occupation.

Current Caller ID takes that same information – like the caller’s latest tweets or their location’s current weather – and flashes it on the screen when you receive a call. The app also creates infographics showing how you communicate with each contact and what’s the best method and time to reach them – or avoid them.

Just because your address book is improved doesn’t mean your communication skills will be.