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Article • August 15, 2012

Now That's Remarkable

Express Your Opinion About Anything on the Web

Comment sections are like public pools: You really want to go swimming, just not in there.

Instead, save your keystrokes for ReadrBoard, a new bookmarklet that lets you choose any piece of content on the Internet – be it a photo, video, even just one sentence of an article – and make a one-word comment on it.

Add ReadrBoard’s reaction button to your bookmarks bar and click it when you find yourself on a page requiring your two cents. Hover over photos and video or highlight an excerpt of text to add your custom epigram. (Think “Interesting,” “Really?” or the always evocative “LOL.”)

All users’ reactions are compiled back at ReadrBoard’s homepage, where heaps of comment-worthy content is primed for browsing.

Because opinions are like swimming holes: Everybody wants to dip their toe in.