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Article • August 16, 2012

Find the Best Places to Film and Shoot

Scout the perfect photo or filming location with ShootLocal

In photography, as in real estate, one overused-yet-true adage reigns supreme: “Location, location, location.”

Finding the best locations just got a whole lot easier with ShootLocal. The free iPhone app lets you scout out and share amazing photo shoot backgrounds and filming locations around the world.

Search for sites by proximity or description, or start a hunt with specific criteria and the community will weigh in with suggestions. Each listing has reviews from fellow users and comments (e.g., “gets direct sunlight at 1:00 p.m.”).

If you stumble upon the perfect abandoned schoolhouse, pin it to your map so you know how to get back. You can even follow your favorite scouts to track their discoveries.

So whether you’re filming the next (low budget) Citizen Kane or taking photos for a DIY wedding announcement, ShootLocal can help you find the perfect spot – no real estate agents required.