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Article • August 17, 2012

Compare Gadgets to Get the Best Deals

Itemize smartphone advantages with VERSUS IO

Smartphone and tablet shopping often feels like a struggle to not cave in and just buy the most expensive one in the store.

Because if it costs the most it has to be the best, right?

VERSUS IO sets the record straight by honing in on only two pieces of hardware at a time – and comparing every single technical specification. For example, most tablet shoppers would assume the iPad is the field’s only option, but VERSUS IO has a long list of reasons  why the Asus Transformer could be a better decision.

Whether it’s CPU or screen size, cordless or USB charging, or a clash of operating systems, statistics line up for an explicit declaration of how smartphones stack up mano a mano. Of course, you’ll still need to make the hard decisions: Smaller but slower? More megapixels but less battery life? Flash enabled?

But there’s nothing like solid intel to keep your smartphone from burning a hole in your pocket.