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Article • August 22, 2012

Superior Conversation

Provide Anonymous Constructive Criticism on Tell Your Boss Anything

Back when Google+ required users to register with their legal names, they forgot one thing: Anonymity and honesty sometimes go hand in hand.

Tell Your Boss Anything enables employers and employees to start a conversation about workplace problems without risk of wholesale layoffs. Subject lines are prearranged in an “I feel” format with drop-down menus to get the conversation started on the right track instead of devolving into accusations (“You are”).

The onus is on you to provide insight into areas of improvement and every message has a minimum of 100 characters to get to the heart of the matter. Managers can also ask for anonymous employee feedback to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

The only asterisk is that Tell Your Boss Anything can only protect your anonymity to the point when the conversation breaches legal issues.

Until then, it ought to keep everyone from feeling like they’re running in circles during business hours.