Turn Your iPhone into a Boom Box - Netted
Article • August 24, 2012

Turn Your iPhone into a Boom Box

Sync music playback on multiple iPhones with Seedio

The emblematic sound system of the eighties was an oversized boom box. The modern equivalent? A puny iPhone.

So how do you get big sound out of a little box? Simple: Add more boxes.

Seedio is a new app that strings together iPhones using a single Wi-Fi connection to create a room full of tiny boom boxes resulting in huge sound. The main seeder starts the broadcast then other iPhones in the room join in and turn up their volume.

Besides sourcing from iTunes music and playlists already on the phone, you can queue up songs from YouTube as well. And if your get-together is more of a private affair, everyone can simply plug in headphones for synchronized listening.

Either way, that’s quite the party you’ve got in your pocket.