Get Wine Without Leaving Your Home - Netted
Article • August 28, 2012

Get Wine Without Leaving Your Home

Lot18 delivers hand-picked vino right to your door

Did you know there is a world of impressive boutique wine brands to which you have virtually no access whatsoever?

Playing both usher and guide to this intoxicating landscape is Lot18. The online authority on all things grape works directly with small-batch wineries and importers to offer under-the-radar gems at reasonable prices.

Unlike most people who judge wines by their labels (we’re looking at ourselves), Lot18 employs a team of expert taste testers who swirl and sip every bottle before affixing their stamp of approval. If an item makes it through the stringent testing, it will remain available on the site until it sells out, making room for a brand-new product and a brand-new shopping experience.

Netted subscribers who join Lot18 now will receive $10 off their first order. Purchase six or more bottles and the whole thing ships for $0.

Talk about easy accessibility.