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Article • August 29, 2012

Personal Concierge

Text Message Any Local Business with TalkTo

When did we reach the point where we text instead of call to ask someone on a date, but call instead of text to make the dinner reservation?

Clearly we made a wrong technological turn somewhere.

TalkTo is a new app that recalibrates our priorities by letting us do something pretty darn cool: Send a text message to the restaurant – or the drug store, or the dry cleaner or any other business in your neighborhood.

Seemingly impossible? We thought so, too. But it works because behind the scenes are real people who contact new businesses via the usual channels (phone, email, telegraph, etc.) and submit your question. Establishments are encouraged to reciprocate with a text, but can also respond with an email or phone call.

To text a business, simply search for it within the app and type up your request. The initial response may take a bit, but once the texting rapport is established, future answers will be nearly instantaneous.

Leaving you plenty of time for the calls that matter most.