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Article • September 6, 2012

Share Your Sweetest Photos with Fellow Chocoholics

Print your photos on chocolate with Cocoagraph

There’s only one thing sweeter than reminiscing over a batch of old photos.

Eating them.

Cocoagraph is a new service that prints your digital snapshots onto artisan chocolate bars. Upload pictures right on the site then choose the layout from a selection of decade-based designs like the 1960’s square Polaroid or the 1990’s borderless print.

Once shapes and sizes are settled, choose your base: milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate or organic dark chocolate. All hail from a family-run chocolatier based in Santa Barbara, which makes some mighty fine confections. (We sampled them. Repeatedly.)

Warm-weather shipments come packed in dry ice to ensure your edible artwork arrives intact. And if you sign up for Cocoagraph promotions, you’ll receive 5% off your entire order.

That ought to sweeten the deal.