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Article • September 7, 2012

Bubble Sea

Publicize Your Thoughts with Echoer

Here’s a good way to scare strangers: Walk up to them and ask where they’re headed. Or what’s good at this restaurant. Or if they have any recommendations for gelato.

Echoer is an app for Android and iPhone that allows you to tap into the collective wisdom of passersby without weirding them out.

Users submit “echoes,” which come in three color-coded categories: thoughts, events, and discoveries. Echoes increase in size as other users amp them up; the most-amped echoes are plotted on a map of your current location, helping you discover untapped greatness right under your nose.

When you’re in sync with another Echoer’s favorite places and best recommendations, tap the star next to their name to add them to your favorites. Do the same with specific locations to create a list of must-visit haunts.

Just like that, strangers bring out the best in your neighborhood.