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Article • September 11, 2012

Get in the Zone

Find Geographically Ideal Apartments on Place of Mine

The trick to renting the perfect apartment is finding the middle ground between bad apartments is good neighborhoods and good apartments in bad neighborhoods.

Tricky, indeed.

Place of Mine is a map-based rental finder that makes locating middle grounds painless less painful. The site takes a standard Google Map and overlays heat maps for everything from grocery stores and restaurants to schools and medical facilities – even criminal activity (in select cities).

Drill down further in areas you’d like to explore and whittle down the options by the usual criteria. You can even view public transportation routes to find places near train stations and bus stops.

A very cool perk: Each listing is given a rating that compares it to others in the vicinity based on relative price, amenities, and convenience, making it easy to find the gems.

Moving in – that’s still on you.