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Article • September 12, 2012

Map the Mess of Ideas and Thoughts You Have

Visually organize your thoughts with Exobrain

We know what you’re thinking.

Actually, we don’t. But we will after one go-around with Exobrain, a brand new tool designed to map your thoughts in a visual, color-coded web.

Start with a central idea and drag your cursor to create new branches. Connect related ideas with a string or hover over the connection and click to snip it. (Watch this demo video to see what the heck we’re talking about.)

Branches are assigned different colors which darken the farther you drag them from the center. Items can me moved and reconnected repeatedly, and all of your mind maps are saved in the cloud for editing, sharing, and collaboration.

So what can you use this for? Brainstorming, for sure. As a project management tool, it can map what needs to get done by whom and how. Or you can finally get started on the outline for that novel.

If nothing else, it’s a darn pretty notepad.