Keep Your Wedding Guests' Videos and Photos Forever - Netted
Article • September 18, 2012

Keep Your Wedding Guests' Videos and Photos Forever

Crowdsource your wedding photos with WedPics

After months of planning, your wedding went off without a hitch.

And you barely remember any of it.

Relive it from your guests’ perspective with WedPics, a new app for iPhone and Android that robotically stockpiles every photo taken at your wedding.

Your wedding gets a unique access code, which prints on bespoke postcards for you to slip into invitations or place on tables. Guests then install the app, enter the code, and start snapping. Automatically, every shot is uploaded to your personal online album.

There you can edit or delete photos, share them on social networks, or archive them on your computer. Guests can also log in to upload photos taken with digital cameras, comment on their favorites, and order physical copies in the form of prints, books, even iPhone covers.

Now through October 8 Netted readers can use promo code “Netted” to receive 25% off the $99 price. You can sign up for WedPics now and use it whenever you are ready.

As with most things nuptial-related, planning ahead is highly recommended.