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Article • September 20, 2012

Wax Lyrical

Stream Lyrics to Songs While Listening to Them with TuneUp

Interesting fact about TuneUp: It was the subject of our ninth email, sent way back in 2009.

Even more interesting fact: 716 emails later, it’s better than ever.

The beloved iTunes and Windows Media Player plug-in – famous for automatically correcting mislabeled song information, adding missing cover art, and removing duplicate files –  now adds lyrical teleprompting to its seemingly magical repertoire.

Lyrics, as the new feature is simply called, instantaneously streams the words to whatever song you are currently listening to. After one use, you’ll think two things. One: “I had no idea that’s what she was saying.” And two: “I needed this.”

The new Lyrics feature is embedded in TuneUp’s Tuniverse section, which also provides artist bios, news, music videos, and concert alerts based on your listening habits.

So now when you’re singing along at the concerts, you’ll be singing the right words.