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Article • September 24, 2012

Transform Your Cloud Storage Into a Secure Cloud

Stretch your file storage to endless on Bitcasa

Open bars. Unlimited data plans. Endless shrimp. Some things are better off unrestricted.

Entering the ranks of the boundless: your computer.

Bitcasa gives any folder on your computer the capability for infinite storage. As in, however many photos, songs, or movies you want, regardless of your computer’s free space.

Simply install the program then drag and drop any existing folder onto the open window. Just like that, it becomes a bottomless pit. (Your computer’s display will top out at 562.95 terabytes, enough for about five human brains. Just disregard that.)

There’s a sync option to access your stored documents from anywhere (even mobile devices) via the Bitcasa website, and you can automatically back up files – heck, your entire computer – without even clicking a button.

A really fun feature: Generate a link to easily share any of your stored documents with whomever you choose.

The possibilities are endless.